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TEXAS 1845 MAP- In 1845 the Republic of Texas bisected the westward expansion of the fledgling United States covering a vast range of territory from Mexico to Wyoming. This beautiful map, commissioned in 1986 to commemorate the Texas Sesquicentennial and drawn by artist and master cartographer John Davis, depicts Texas nationhood like no other. Featuring the original 36 counties of the Republic, 78 Spanish land grants along the Rio Grande (present day New Mexico) and the most accurate study published of the Santa Fe Trail (across the Great Plains from St. Louis to Santa Fe), this is a wonderful historical resource and a genuine work of art. Copyright 1987. Printed on sturdy, art-gallery quality parchment stock. 26”w x 32”h. $45.00


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1845 TEXAS MAP - $45.00

1836 TEXAS MAP - $45.00



1836 Texas Revolutionary Map-   The definitive cartographic tool for understanding the historic events that transpired during the turbulent years 1835 to 1836. Drawn by artist and master cartographer John Davis, copyright 1987. This beautiful map details battle sites, roads and trails, hundreds of early settlements, and an original view of the Republic of Texas in the inset. Has chart detailing each of the 48 Battles of the Texas Revolution. Shows were the Indian tribes were located including: Comanche, Kickapoo, Caddo, Cherokee, Alabama Coushata, Pawnee and more. Printed on sturdy, thick, art-gallery quality stock.

26”w x 32”h.


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