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24" x 36" Poster

by artist Gary Crouch

 $ 48.00 unframed

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 Beautiful detail and history, on quality paper.

The Texans won a bitter war of independence of
1836, two years before the
United States began to make a systematic survey of the Western wilderness. By 1860, the state was home to more than 600,000 venturesome, maverick Texans.
"Texas Peacemakers" honors Texas and the men who made it the greatest "country" in the






This 24" x 30" print shows 47 guns of the West, 30
early law badges (many rare), bullets, shot sizes,
patent drawings of early gun patents, and more
surrounds the central art sub-titled,

"Partners In Pursuit". Retail: $45.
signed by Gary Crouch


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  • "Buffalo Frontier"
    16" x 38" Ret. $45.

Buffalo rifles and

brief account of the
buffalo herds

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During the 1800s.

The rifles were commonly used to
hunt the buffalo. Text gives brief account
of the buffalo frontier 1870 to 1880.

  • "Last Chance"

24" x 30" $45.

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Great companion print to
Law & Order of the West.

Great companion print to
Law & Order of the West.

The Lawmen and The Outlaws,

Bullets , firearms and history.

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